General information
        State Higher Vocational School in Koszalin (PWSZ in Koszalin) was founded in 2009. From the very beggining it has been developing dynamically and now has almost 600 students. Academic teachers come from well-known universities and colleges from all around Poland, such as: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Wrocław University, Medical University in Gdańsk and others. PWSZ Koszalin also employs its own academic staff.
The School is located in two renovated buildings in the city of Koszalin, neighbouring the main hospital in Koszalin. The Student House is located on the campus. Regular classes and lectures are held in the PWSZ`s buildings. Class and lecture rooms are of high standard and have been equipped with high quality multimedia facilities.
For student training PWSZ in Koszalin cooperates with numerous local partners: Koszalin hospitals, schools, crèches and nurseries, retirement homes, social action and educational organisations and many others.
Since the quality of teaching is a priority at PWSZ in Koszalin, classes are taught in small groups and with the use of modern technologies.

Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Koszalinie
ul. Leśna 1, 75-582 Koszalin
tel. 94 342 67 66 / fax 94 341 65 86

Dom Studenta - 94 343-33-06